Valentines Love Affair With Self 2019

When was the last time you gave yourself permission to cheat? I actually asked myself that very question one day. So, I am asking you. You do everything for everyone else. You look to other people to do for you what you’ve done for them. It almost always never happens that way. So when it does not happen for me, I pretend to smile as if everything is okay when it really isn’t. I’m tired more than times then I can count and yet I keep going to please everyone else. Does any of this resonate? Don’t you think it is time for you to become a love rebel in your own life? Give yourself permission to cheat with self. It’s time!!!

Join me for a Valentines Love Affair With Self on February 23, 2019. We will have radical love affair conversations, an ultimate seafood brunch, chocolcate and deserts, relaxing hand massages, gifts, stories, sisterhood, and so much love. When was the last time someone doted on you? I look forward to you being in the space. For information and to reserve with Mariby please click here

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