Transformation Lifestyle Signature Program

It’s An Inside Job is a 6 month group program designed to INpower you to transform your life at a higher vibration.  We as women have lost sight of who we are; beyond our roles as wife, mother, sister friend; beneath the titles as CEO, President, Manager, etc; behind the clothes we wear, the car we drove, and the make-up we apply daily. When you dug down deep, past all that fluff, you had forgotten who you were created to be. I’ve transformed my life to a whole new dimension and I want to INpower you to do the same.  I will use my experience as a conqueror; of child abuse, an abusive marriage, abandonment issues, and homelessness, to help you discern and uncover the root of your hurt, pain, un-forgiveness and those things you have buried so deep; so that you too can transform your life in every area. I will guide you through the practice of using life’s lemons to make sweet tea. You will be transformed as you navigate this life-altering process that will start you on the journey to your very own personal revolution.

You Can and Will:

  • Cancel out fear with LOVE
  • De-Clutter your life and heart space
  • Stop allowing others, and things to define you and Define Yourself
  • Relinquish past hurts, failures and disappointments
  • Walk victoriously into your Destiny
  • Produce Good Fruit in your life
  • Live Authentically and Abundantly


The Fatherless Daughter: Journey To Self- Love

Are you a fatherless daughter? There is danger in not knowing? A Journey of Love, Acceptance, and Forgiveness

The Making of a Fatherless Daughter - Workshops

Workshop One: Are You a Fatherless Daughter…The Danger in Not Knowing: In this module, you will learn the four Fatherless Daughter Archetypes and begin to identify some of the patterns that are showing up in your life that have prevented you from achieving the kind of love, money, and success you desire. You will also learn how to make the shift from these negative patterns to a space of redefining who you really are beyond your fatherlessness.

Workshop Two: What are Patterns? How They are Formed and How to Release Them: You will learn about patterns that are unique to fatherless daughters. Why they exist, how they are formed, and learn how to release the ones that no longer serve you.

Workshop Three:  The Fatherless Daughters Archetype System: In this workshop, you will understand the symbolic meaning of your fatherless daughter’s archetypes that help you gain profound insights into your experiences in life.

Workshop Four: Your Journey to Being: In this workshop, you will learn seven powerful strategies to help you redefine who you are; reclaim your worth and rewrite a new narrative for your life. These strategies will start you on the path to love, acceptance, and forgiveness. You will then begin to unleash your greatest potential to shine in the world.

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