Pick My Brain Strategy Session

There is a time and season for everything. NOW is that time.  Have some questions you need answers too? Are you in need of some authentic strategies to move forward? Do you need to remove roadblocks?  Are you aspiring author, coach, business owner, Nonprofit founder or seeking to start one? If yes let's spend some time together. 

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Level C Success Programs

The VIP Strategy session is for you if you: Are you need of quick strategies and/or results. Do not want a lot of weekly calls right now. Need a fresh perspective, mindset shifts, clarity and new ideas.

1. VIP Virtual Strategy Session
  • Customized to your unique need
  • Clarity of purpose and vision
  • Overcoming a particular fear in your life/business
  • Pushing through plateaus
  • Roadmap for desired outcomes
  • Followup coaching call
2. Life/Business Strategy Sessions
  • Includes everything in the VIP Strategy Session
  • Weekly Emails to discuss roadblocks and relevations
  • 60 minute montly calls
  • SWOT Analysis for your life and business

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