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by admin on August 8, 2011

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Many years ago I started writing because my doctor suggested I find a stress reliever or he was going to medicate me. Not wanting to be on medication, I began sending out short inspirational messages to my family and friends by email once a week. However, at the request of some of my readers, messages eventually were sent twice a week. I was told once a week was not enough. Things were going good with my writing endeavor.

Then I was invited to a home showing for a new business. I went to be supportive. While I was there, the conversation turned to me and my writings. I am not exactly sure how I became the center of the conversation. I believe one of the ladies there was on my email list. Anyway, the subject of me writing a book came up and the conversation got interesting. Out of the blue, a young lady, who I did not know asked me, “What made me think that I was qualified to write a book?” I asked myself would she have asked a more well-known author this question. She did not know me; so what led her to pose this question to me? I was as capable as anyone else. Needless to say, I was shocked and tongue-tied. I did not know what to say, but I gave her an answer; I am not sure if it was good enough for her, oh well. Up until that moment, I had no opposition to me writing. I had always had favorable feedback and encouragement from my readership. Actually, it was my readers who suggested and encouraged the idea of a book in the first place.

If someone was to ask me that question today, my answer would probably sound something like this, “I was born with a purpose in mind. I was ordained before I was born and my experiences since my birth have prepared and qualified me to do what it is that I do. Please talk to God if you have a problem that.” I watch my children everyday display their talents. My daughter, who is 6 years old, is already showing talent as a fashion designer. She designed and made her first pair of sandals, and my 4 year old son told my husband and me that preaching is in his blood. Yes, he said it. Who am I to dispute that or discourage either of them? So, who gives anyone the right to dispute a dream?

If someone was to ask you, “What makes you so special; what would your answer be?”  I did go on to publish a compilation of those messages in a book entitled Good Morning; It’s Dawn and today have several other book projects on the horizon.


Dawn Courtney Mason
D.A.W.N. – Doing All Within my Niche to Inspire Leaders to Move

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