Throwing Away Unnecessary Baggage

by admin on May 16, 2011

From time to time I purge my house.  I throw away things that no longer serve me. Once in a while, I come across things I forgot all about.  My rule for that is, if I have not seen or thought about it in over year, it’s time to throw it away.  In the book of Philippians, Paul talks about forgetting these things which are behind and reaching forth to those things which are before. The word “forget” is defined in Webster’s dictionary “the ability to lose remembrance of or to be unable to recall.” In the same context, “to forget” is in high relation to the word “forgive”, which is defined as “the ability to give up or pardon.  To forget means to let go ahead of time.  Let me park here for a moment. In order to honestly forget and move on, you HAVE to forgive. I don’t mean you go to God in prayer and say: Father forgive me for any sin I committed through word, thought, prayer or deed and forgive me for each time I have fallen short of your glory. That is not true repentance.  Those are just mere words. If you are going to forget those things that are behind and truly move forward, then you need true repentance.  I used to think that it was all right to pray like that. 

One day, I discovered the baggage kept coming back.  Its timing was impeccable. The baggage would show up in strange ways and places. It knew what buttons to push.  This reminds me of an incident that happen several years ago.  I was coming from Bible study one night and was hungry.  I had a taste for some chicken, and we stopped in Popeye’s.  Now, I like the drive-thru, my husband prefers to go in.  His logic is, they can and will mess up your order in the drive-thru.  So we go in.  There are a bunch of people hanging around.   I politely asked if everyone has ordered.  Most of the folks said yes.  So I proceeded to go place my order.  Right at that moment, someone starts yelling and cursing me out and accusing me of jumping in front of them.  I turn around and said: I asked everyone in here if they’d placed their order; if you responded with a no, my apologies.  I did not hear you.  Well she kept on yelling and cursing.  My baggage showed up and showed out. That was not my finest moment.  My husband grabbed my collar and yanked me back. By the way, I did get my chicken :o

Now what was that really all about?  That should have been handled differently.  Of course most of the patrons in the place told me I was justified, but that does not excuse my behavior. What baggage was I carrying?  I learned earlier in life how to resolve disputes; by yelling and fighting. I realized I still had residue from past abusive relationships.  Although, I was no longer in an abusive relationship, I never truly forgave myself or let go of the incidents that were inflicted upon me.  I just moved on; with baggage in tow.  I carried the same baggage for many years, with different articles of clothing in it. It was time to throw away the baggage and I did. What baggage are you still carrying?  It’s time to relinquish it.  You’ve had it long enough. Besides, you do not have the luxury of revisiting unprofitable past episodes of your life.

 I’m just sayin’

Love you to life!


Don’t become so well-adjusted to your culture that you fit into it without even thinking. Romans 12-2a (Msg)

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