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wom3n2 Has your life taken over your dreams and passions? Are you ready to reclaim your life, passion and dreams? Many women lost sight of themselves; who they truly are beyond their roles and titles as wife & mother; business owner; minister, etc. When they dug down deep, past all the stuff, they have forgotten who they were created to be. They need to be reminded of who they are and recapture that woman who has lost her way. You see I know what it feels like to appear to have every going right, when it reality it is about to fall apart. I  had, what I thought was a great job, wonderful friends and family. Yet I continued to struggle on the inside. I could not seem to break through during a particular season of my life. Everything appeared fine on the outside. Yet I always felt empty on the inside.  I prayed and prayed for things to get better, not realizing God was waiting on me. Do you feel like you continuously give out of an empty cup? Ever say to yourself: “No time for the weary?” How many titles do you hold? I am a mother, wife, sister, daughter, friend, minister, coach, prayer warrior, and boss lady. WHEW!!!!! I had to find balance and learn to give out of my overflow.  Are you sensing something needs to change? Are you ready for that person on the inside to emerge?

Here’s what you need to step into your higher self and emerge:

  • Someone to help walk you through the process – that’s me
  • Strategies to help you focus and move through the process

Are you ready to feel more energized and self-confident?  Are you ready to create balance in your life to do the things that are important to you?  I will help you practice radical TLC so you can love who you are beyond what you do. It’s time to break free to a new love affair with self. You will be set free and liberated from facades and inspired to love your self beyond your titles and roles. I’ve created a powerful program that will help you to revitalize yourself and establish a sense of balance.

First things first……………………….. to see if this program is right for you………………

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If you are ready to take back your time; say NO to things you should not be doing; and establish some balance — then schedule your session today. You will become ignited to light the spark within that will revitalize you . You will be empowered  to live with more passion and purpose. You will understand the importance of filling your cup first and giving to everyone else from the overflow. It’s time for you to LOVE on you. When you love from a place a freedom everything else will be easier. Click here to: SCHEDULE NOW



Take Back Your Life Session

6 or 12 Month Sessions – Private

One 60 Minute planning session – Monthly

Two 30 minute focus sessions to follow up on goals – Monthly

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