Transformation LifeStyle Business program If you are a Non-profit we have some tools that will benefit you and help to expand your organization. We offer non-profit development and restructuring, grant writing training,  and grant coaching services. In addition, if you are need of program development or you have a program that is need of some fine tuning, you are in the right place. Discover which service is the best one for you.  Now is the time to strengthen your non-profits’ foundation so that you are able to expand your program and services to have a greater impact in the community you serve. We have successfully obtained over 10 million dollars in funding for our clients.


  • 20 plus years of corporate, non-profit and grant funding expertise to guide you to the best business solution
  • Help with understanding the process to start a non-profit
  • Help with non-profit development and restructuring
  • Help with understanding resources (foundations, grants, business proposals)
  • Customized coaching packages based on your needs.

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