Can These Dry Bones Live?

by Sandra on February 5, 2015

Here is an encouraging word for you and me!


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Do You Have A Plan for Where You Are Going?

by Sandra on January 15, 2015

WOW! We are 15 plus days into the New Year; depending on when you read this. It has been said that this is the year of expansion, new beginnings, double and so forth. Whatever this year is for you — are you ready? What is different from the last year?  What will you do with the lessons you learned in the previous year? In the first 15 days, I got tested. In the previous year,  life would throw me a curve ball and  I did not have a plan of action.  So everything would come to a stand still. WELL, this time I was prepared. I learned the lesson and kept it moving. I was proud of myself. Of course, I had help and it made all the difference in how I do things now.  Sometimes we need reminders from others to help us  along the way. The other day.  I came across this article titled: Do You Plan to Succeed and Succeed From Your Plan? by Leon Kriel.  I thought it was a great reminder and wanted to share it with you. Once you’ve finished reading it, please make sure you scroll to the end. I want to help you put a plan in place for  when life interrupts you on any level. Happy Reading!

Do You Plan To Succeed And Succeed From Your Plan?

Why plan?

Imagine being in a big city with massive buildings. You have never been there and you have to get to one specific location. The only problem is that you have a map for the wrong city or no map at all. How would you find the location? You can ask for directions, but how long will it take you to get there and who knows where you will end up? Most of us don’t like reading maps or plans but we need them in order to reach our destination.  If you want to achieve certain things in your life, big and small you will have to plan. Make a map to your destination.

Making the plan

When you are making a plan it is always best to start with the end in mind. You have to imagine in great detail what your destination feels like, looks like and sounds like. Write all these things down. This is the dream. Now you know where you are going. At this point you will have to look at the different ways that you can get to this point from where you are. You may have to look at studies you have to do or people you may have to meet, organizations you may have to join. Look for job opportunities etc. Compile a list of different avenues and pick the best one. Now you can build your plan with all your research etc.

All plans must have a timeline. Set a timeframe for what you have to do in the next year, month, week and day. It can be something as simple as making a phone call or applying for a job. Just step through the fear and do it. You normally get to the other side and find it wasn’t that hard after all.

Work the plan

With your plan broken up into days, weeks, months and years it will make it more achievable. You need to get a whiteboard to use. Each week you need to sit down and write on the whiteboard what is on your plan that you need to achieve in that week. I love using checklists because it makes me feel like I am achieving something.

I am not saying it is going to be easy to follow the plan. You will need to find a fair amount of self-discipline. The thing that flames your desire is a positive attitude.

Have an amazing day on purpose!


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