Permission to Love Yourself Rebelliously Program

womenPermission to Love Yourself Rebelliously is a program for women  who are ready to transform their lives; raise their vibration;  live from a  place of freedom and true  peace .

Growing up I always heard “stop being rebellious.” I was the kid if you said go right I went left. I marched to the drum of my own beat.  Some where along the way, I had forgotten how to love me rebelliously. Life happened and it became my routine: wife and mommy duties, work, ministry and family. One day I was awaken from my routine by a health challenge and decided it was time to become rebellious.

The word rebellious means to fight to overthrow or change something. IT IS TIME FOR YOU TO BE REBELLIOUS! Give yourself permission to love yourself rebelliously. I know you’ve heard this: “if mama isn’t happy, nobody is!” This is so true!! When you continuously give out of your empty cup, it creates stress and frustration. It’s time for self radical love!