Never Scared!

by admin on February 14, 2011

When Bone Crusher, featuring TI and Killer Mike came out with the song, “Never Scared” I was so feeling the chorus.  I liked the mantra about not being scared; of course that is when nothing is going wrong in your life.  Truth be told, I’m afraid of a lot of things.  Yet, one person who had a lot to be scared about was Mary, the mother of Jesus. 

Luke1:30 tells us how Mary got the news of her pending pregnancy and how she was favored among women.  Can you imagine Mary getting that news today?  An unmarried woman, betrothed to Joseph, a teenager, and pregnant with an economy that is in recession and a war going on. Can you imagine the family, friends and naysayers talking about her behind her back?  Better yet, discouraging her to carry this baby to term and casting doubt that she and her baby can survive in these economic times.

 Much like Mary, you too received news from the Angel of God of your impending pregnancy. In this economy, He’s shifting you to a new job, however you have not received word on where that job might be; you are pregnant with the seed of going to school, but can’t see where  the money is coming from; your pregnant with a business or ministry and feel ill equipped to carry it out; you are pregnant with the seed of new beginnings and don’t know how you are going to make it; you are pregnant with the seed of relocation and want to know where, when and how. For as the Angel told Mary, the Angel is telling you “Don’t be afraid for you have favor with God. In this economy, don’t be scared!  Stay focused on God and stand on his promises.  Don’t be scared! That which he promised shall not be aborted, but carried to term and delivered on time.

 Remember this: Abraham became pregnant with seed of becoming the father of many nations.  Mary became pregnant with a son who saved many nations. No matter the age, circumstance or obstacle, don’t be scared.  For nothing is impossible with God!

By Guest Blogger:

Kijafa Parker, Ministry Consultant

Growing People and Ministries – Not Churches,

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