Map It Out Strategy

There is a time and season for everything. NOW is that time. Are you ready to MAP  out your Non-Profit?  If yes we will spend 60 minutes together creating something powerful and strong.  You will benefit from my lessons, experiences, and expertise. Make sure you scroll all the way down.

Do you need help with:

1.  Non-profit Development

2. Creating new  or restructuring your programs

3. Grant/fundraising strategies/coaching

4. De-cluttering  Non-profit business

If the answer is yes to any of this. Tap into our expertise, experiences, and lessons. We’ve secured over 10 million dollars in funding for nonprofit clients.

Benefits to you:

A clear road map with action steps and resources to help you create, transform your life and/or business.

Click below to get started! YOU are worth the investment!

Map It Out Strategy Session $250.00 Click below