Letting Go and Letting God

by admin on June 5, 2011

speakingMy husband and I recently did some serious housecleaning. We did not realize how much we had accumulated over the years. When we finally did, we began wondering why we were keeping some of the stuff we had stored away. We had bills from five to ten years ago, clothes that we could not give away, and Christmas decorations from the Stone Age of our early relationship days. My husband use to be the classic pack rat. He simply did not believe in throwing anything away. When I asked him why he had saved so much stuff, he gave me the classic response. “You never know when you are going to need it.” That may be true, but we have to learn the art of letting go and trusting that God has it all in control. How can we be ready to accept God’s gift of new life if we are doggedly holding on to all vestiges of our old life? John 10:10 states, “I have come that you might have life and that you might have it more abundantly.” How can we live in newness of life and live it in abundance if we have not let go our old stuff?

At the time of our serious housecleaning, things were going awry in our household and we could not figure out why. One day I said what we both knew was true. “We need to let go of some things, honey!” When we did, God’s Spirit began to flow through our home and our lives. Everything began to fall into place in ways neither one of us could have imagined. You see God has a way of reaching his people. He has a way of making us stand up and take notice of His new direction. And God will get your attention any way He can. We have a tendency to feel that if we are not in control something may go wrong. We often feel that if we let go; the whole world may roll from its axis and go careening out into space.  In reality, our individual lives and the universe itself are in God’s Hands. If we let go, we will be blessed with a renewed awareness of that fact. Of course, it takes some of us longer than others to grasp the notion of letting go and letting God.

I confess that it used to be hard for me as well. Yet once I let go of what I thought was so important and reached out to accept the promises of God; I found that God’s promises encompassed everything I needed, wanted, and then some. I pray that you do not waste too much time before you decide to let go and let God. Abundance awaits you!

I’m just sayin’

Love you to life!


Don’t become so well-adjusted to your culture that you fit into it without even thinking. Romans 12-2a (Msg)

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