How to Overcome Procrastination

by admin on May 9, 2011

stopsignsBelieve it or not, Procrastination is one of the most common problems when it comes to producing high quality results and people’s productiveness. Most people are procrastinating not just because they want to but because of some reasons telling them not to do things that should be done. Some of these reasons are Fear of failure, perfectionism, disorganization, fear of change, and anxiety. At times, people also get intimidated and this stops them from being productive.  Though it seems to be a normal and common situation to most people, procrastination has a lot of negative results. It stops people from doing things that are needed to be accomplished and delay everything. So what can we do to overcome procrastination? Well, there are many ways to do to be productive and to stop your mind from thinking that you don’t want to do things. Here are five effective steps that you might want to do to avoid procrastination and make your day more productive.

1. See Things and Tasks From Beginning To End – Analyze the situation and the tasks that you will do. It is necessary to see things step by step and what will be the results. One of the best ways is to visualize the completed task and its benefits. See, when you are thinking ahead, you will be inspired to do the tasks. And at times, you won’t care how hard to do it as long as you will achieve your goals. Achieving everything you want is definitely a great push to keep you going.

2. Be Realistic – Do things one step at a time. Take a small step before you aim for a big leap. Most of the time, this big leap can be daunting that people back out and make them think that they can’t do the tasks. So take things easy and make sure that you will do things step by step and you won’t go ahead of yourself.

3. Think and Find Ways To Do Things – If you’re stuck on a project that you do not know how to do, the thing that you should do is to stop and take a break. Think carefully on things that you can do to finish the tasks and research. You can call your friends and ask for their opinions or just browse the net. There are tons of tutorial s out there that can basically help you on almost everything. So don’t stop if you don’t know what to do, you should have an initiative to know things that you can do.

4. Involve The Public or People – Well, if you make tasks involved with a group of people, you are sure that you will finish the task no matter how hard it is because you know that there are eyes watching you. Most of the time, other people can push you to do the tasks that you know you won’t do if there’s no one’s watching.

5. Be Prepared – To make sure that disorganization won’t come your way, be sure that you will have everything that you will need for the task. Organize these things on one specific container, folder, box, or something wherein you can put your files and everything that you can use for your project. When everything is ready, the chance of not doing the task is lessened.

See, these are some ways on how to avoid procrastinating. Remember, Self discipline is the best thing that you have to build up when dealing with procrastination. Be results oriented and aim for positive outcomes.

Guest Blogger: Carl Taylor was once a shy, introverted boy who felt life was overwhelming. Today he is a successful Entrepreneur and Author of Red Means Go a motivational and practical guide book to taking control of your life and achieving a happy, effective and successful life.  Article Source:

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