Transformed into a New Season

by Sandra on January 14, 2014

sandraphotoshoot2WELCOME! We have entered into a new season. In the last season I experienced so many wonderful opportunities that stretched me and lessons that challenged me. I am grateful for each. As I reflected in this new season, my intentions going forth are to: 1) Pray gratitude daily; 2) Forgive and love always. For they are the key to unlocking blessings; 3) Laugh and dance to release; and 4) Stay healthy for life. We’ve all shifted into something awesome. What will be your intention this year? What will you set your mind to do in this new season?

My Book “The Woman Within: It’s An Inside Job hit #1 on the Amazon’s Best Sellers list.  I was truly happy and excited to see that goal manifest. After it hit the best sellers list, it hit me that it truly is an inside job. In order to change the outer, you must first change the inner.  I’ve been on this journey of true healing and cleansing within, for the last 3 years. I remember sitting on the side of my bed 3 years ago and heard God say to me: “I was being disobedient in my body.”  That woke me up! How, I asked? Of course I already knew the answer. I needed to eat better and exercise more — meaning be more consistent with what I was already doing.  I would start and then stop; and then start again; and then stop again. Can anyone relate? I’m sure you can! My mom was diagnosed with high blood pressure a few years ago. This is a woman who walked everyday and ate healthy. When life started hitting her hard she stopped doing those things and stress took over. She has always been small and did not think it could happen to her.  When we are carry so much weight in our minds and hearts it spills over into our bodies.

In this new season, set your intent to release the weight that is holding you down. Whatever you are carrying is manifesting in and through you. Personally, I started detoxing physically and mentally, in addition to working out with a trainer. I have so much more mental clarity and I’ve feel so much lighter in body. We’ve all been called to a greater purpose then ourselves. They only way to full fill that purpose is through a healthy mind, body and spirit. HAPPY NEW YOU!

Live, Laugh and Love Daily,


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