Give it to Her

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To get the very best, you must believe that you deserve the very best. This means you have to confront your painful past, open your spirit, and trust that the Creator would not lead you astray.” Give It To Her exists as an instrument to be used as a voice for the voiceless and it will take you on a journey to wholeness.  It was written to help you open up “Pandora’s Box “ of pain, hurts and disappointments and allow God  in so that he may give you his gifts of Healing and Restoration. Sandra Chaney has faced many difficult and painful situations from childhood into adulthood. She knows plenty about having to confront the past in order to embrace the future. She has suffered through dark days of abuse, self-hatred and even a suicide attempt. Give It to Her is the result of her determination to reach back into her past hurts in order to help nurture other women into healing and restoration. By receiving the healing and restorative gifts of God, her wounds have been healed and her life has been restored. Now she shares the gifts that God has given her so that she can teach other women how they too may reclaim their right to live and live well.

Sandra’s message is that those who have been hurt by people and circumstances and who live with the burden of guilt and shame of these circumstances already possess everything they need to find healing for their torn and battered spirit. She succinctly lists God‘s Gifts of Healing and, but more importantly, Sandra tells the reader how to go about receiving those gifts in their life. She also address attitudes and mindsets that inhibit the hurting from receiving those gifts.

Give It to Her, is a heartfelt attempt to throw a lifeline to any woman who is out there struggling to discover, and to recover, who she really is. It is proof that one need not be defined by the difficulties or mistakes of the past. Instead, every person can be defined by the gifts of Love, Restoration, Healing and Peace, which God offers to all who will receive them. If you are a woman who is suffering due to past abuse, give this book to yourself. If you love or care about such a woman, get this book and…Give It to Her!

Price: $14.99 + S&H   Click Here To Purchase
 Ebook Price $5.99 BUY NOW