Signature Coaching Programs for Life & Business



It’s An Inside Job is a 6 month individual program designed to INpower you to transform your life at a higher vibration.  We as women  have lost sight of who we are; beyond our roles as wife, mother, sister friend; beneath the titles as CEO, President, Manager, etc; behind the clothes we wear, the car we drove, and the make-up we apply daily. When you dug down deep, past all that fluff, you had forgotten who you were created to be. I’ve transformed my life to a whole new dimension and I want to INpower you to do the same.  I will use my experience as a conqueror; of child abuse, an abusive marriage, abandonment issues and homelessness, to help you discern and uncover the root of your hurt, pain, un-forgiveness and those things you have buried so deep; so that you too can transform your life in every area. I will guide you through the practice of using life’s lemons to make sweat tea. You will be transformed as you navigate this life altering process that will start you on the journey to your very own personal revolution.

You Can and Will:

  • Cancel out fear with LOVE
  • De-Clutter your life and heart space
  • Stop allowing others, and things to define you and Define Yourself
  • Relinquish past hurts, failures and disappointments
  • Walk victoriously into your Destiny
  • Produce Good Fruit in your life
  • Live Authentically and Abundantly

Transformation LifeStyle Business program If you are a Non-profit or For-profit organization we have some tools that will benefit you and help to expand your organization. We offer business and  proposal writing, grant writing training,  and grant coaching  services. In addition, if you are need of program development or you have a program that is need of some fine tuning, you are in the right place. Discover which tool is the best one for you.  Whether you are a non-profit or for-profit business  position yourself to expand your program and services to have a greater impact in the community you serve.


  • 15 years of corporate, non-profit and grant funding expertise to guide you to the best business solution
  • Help with understanding the process to starting a non-profit vs. a for-profit
  • Help with non-profit/for-profit development
  • Help with understanding resources (foundations, grants, business proposals)

 Transformation Book/writing Coach Do you have a  book in you ready to come forth and you just can’t seem to get it out? Sandra is an amazon bestselling author  of  several books.  She is a gifted writer and coach. She understands the obstacles that get in the way of writing that book. We all have a story to tell. Will your story change lives? Everyone who has a story is not meant to write a book or it is not time to bring it forth.  Then there are those who are called to bring forth their message and just have not do so.  If you are unsure of your book or you know the time is now, you are in the right place. Get the necessary tools and assistant to bring forth your message.  Allow your words to transform and impact lives!

As a Book/writing Coach you can expect:

  • Time management and accountability
  • Help to overcome challenges and obstacles
  • Help to meet your creative challenges
  • Editing and publishing services/information

*Permission to Love Yourself Rebelliously is a 6 month group program for women  who are ready to transform their lives; raise their vibration;  live from a  place of freedom and true  peace . Are you in the midst of a life makeover, career or business transition? Or maybe you have been feeling “some kind a way” and can’t describe it. Or you are stuck and don’t know which way to turn.  It’s time to get rebellious!

The word rebellious means to fight to overthrow or change something. IT IS TIME FOR YOU TO BE REBELLIOUS! Give yourself permission to love yourself rebelliously. I know you’ve heard this: “if mama isn’t happy, nobody is!” This is so true!! When you continuously give out of your empty cup, it creates stress and frustration. It’s time for self-radical love!

This is for you if are ready to learn how to:

  • Show up  and manifest your deepest desires and passions to start living life instead of working to live
  • De-Clutter your life and  heart space
  • Stop allowing others to define you and define yourself
  • Have an amazing love affair with self!
  • Transform your life, family, business, and career

*New group sessions coming soon!  Stay Tuned

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