The Cinderella Story

by Sandra on October 2, 2014

It’s October and the seasons are changing. Growing up the Fall season meant Christmas was around the corner. I had to find something to believe in because as a child I often felt unloved and unwanted.  I grew up in an abusive and alcoholic household. Somehow I knew within it was not right, however I grew up with this reality. Every relationship there after was based on what I was taught growing up.  I often felt less than and excepted what I thought was the norm.

Cinderella was one of my favorite fairy tales. I could relate on so many levels. She suffered emotional and verbal abuse on many levels. You remember the story right? Cinderella was an unhappy young girl. Her stepmother and stepsisters treated her unfairly. She was considered the ugly duckling, dressed in hand-me-down clothing, and made to do all of the household chores. She never got anything new and was blamed for everything that went wrong.  She was often yelled at and disrespected. Only when she had completed all of her household chores and tasks was poor Cinderella allowed to eat and rest. She felt utterly unloved and wholly unappreciated.

In the fairy tale Cinderella talked to her cat every chance she got. Through a cat, Cinderella found comfort and love. Through that kitty, Cinderella found out how beautiful she really was.  She realized she deserved so much more and so do you.  Here are a few signs of being in an abusive relationship:

  • Name-calling or putting you down
  • Isolating you from family, friends, and your job.
  • Punching walls, doors, or other objects to express his anger
  • Trying to make all the decisions in the relationship
  • Shoving, slapping, or hitting you
  • Leaving you alone in unfamiliar places and/or locking you out of the house or car
  • Threatening to hurt you or refusing to help you when you need it
  • Blaming you for his anger.
  • Criticizing everything you do
  • Neglecting your basic needs and those of your children

As Cinderella continued to talk to her cat and share her woes with him, a burst of light and an angel—in the image of a fairy godmother—suddenly appeared. Did you know that angels are everywhere? Maybe is you or someone you know – either way, you are not alone. If anyone’s treatment of you does not feel right to you, it is wrong. Your fairy godmother, in the form of earth angels, is waiting for you. My grandmother was my fairy godmother/earth angel.  She is one of the reasons I love me today.

Many women are unclear about whether or not they are being abused, as strange as that may seem. We always think that it is something that is happening to someone else. Just remember that you are “someone else” to everyone else on the planet! None of us are immune to domestic violence and emotional abuse. However, just like Cinderella you deserve so much more. You get to choose.

I am my sister,


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cheranissa October 4, 2014 at 2:59 pm

I love this. It mare me think which is always a good thing.


Sandra October 6, 2014 at 7:15 pm

Thank you Cheranissa!


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