Change Your Mental Diet

by admin on May 2, 2011

speakingI remember asking God why my prayers weren’t being answered.  He asked me to think about what I was speaking out of my mouth. Proverbs 18:21 says “death and life are in the power of the tongue.”   Words have power and like seeds they are going to harvest a good crop, bad crop or no crop at all.  What seeds are you sowing out of your mouth?   What are you speaking in your life?  Better yet, what is being sown into your life? Words are like food; you can choose to eat the healthy or negative foods. Which ever you choose will effect you physically and emotionally. If you continue to eat bad foods it will eventually cause health issues. It is the same principle for speaking or receiving negative words; it will cause emotional issues. To become healthy, you must change your diet.

When you speak positively or negatively, it will accomplish its task. In other words, whatever you speak out into the atmosphere will come to pass.  Everything you say or eat produces something good or bad in your life.  I said earlier, death and life are in the power of the tongue.  Words are so powerful that they can be damaging or empowering. When I faced me and looked at my life, I began to see how my words sabotaged my destiny. For example, when I would apply for a promotion or a job, I would say things like: Even though I am applying for this job, I don’t have all the requirements.  They are asking for a college degree, even though I have the experience, I probably won’t get it. Guess what, I usually never got it. I would say something positive and then cancel it with something negative. I never thought about how that affected my destiny. I began changing how I spoke. I changed my diet. What you put in comes out.

Your thoughts, even though internal, affect you in a major way.  Have you ever awakened in the morning so tired and wondered why?  Your mind is in overdrive. What you put in it before you go to bed will affect you while you are asleep.  When thoughts enter your mind good or bad, they are eventually spoken. You have to be careful about what you speak because it can change your course in a blink of an eye. You must become more aware of your thoughts and your words and the power they carry before you speak. The words that are allowed to enter into your mind become your thoughts. Your thoughts become your emotions.  Your emotions become your conversation.  Your conversations become your actions.  Your actions then become your habits.  Your habits shape your character.  Your character eventually becomes your destiny.   Change your mental diet!

I’m just sayin’

Love you to life!


 Don’t become so well-adjusted to your culture that you fit into it without even thinking. Romans 12-2a (Msg)

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