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Inside Secrets to Getting Money for Your Non-profit

Ever wonder why some non-profits seem to get funded and your program doesn't? Do you find it hard to sustain your programs even after you received funding? Or better yet you're afraid to start your nonprofit because you don't understand how to obtain funding. Well, look inside to find the secrets that will propel your organization to having the greatest impact in your community. These secrets are hidden in plain sight.

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The Woman Within:
It's An Inside Job

Many women are walking around acting as - if they are victorious, when they are really feeling desperate and alone inside. They are leading make - believe lives in front of the world, all the while living silently in hell. They are trying to be good troopers, doing what they had been taught to do, to “fake it till you make it”. Only, now, the line has become blurred between what was real and what was counterfeit. This book offers a Definitive and Transformational Process for Living Your Authentic Life!

Sandra uses her experience as a conqueror; of child abuse, an abusive marriage, abandonment issues and homelessness, to help you discern and uncover the root of your problems so that you too can walk into your greatness. She guides you through the practice of using life’s lemons to make sweat tea. You will be transformed as you navigate this life altering process that will start you on the journey to your very own personal revolution.