Become A Fatherless Daughter Advocate/ Network Director

Leading Authority in The Fatherless Daughter Movement

As a Certified Fatherless Daughter Advocate, you will work with us to create a Fatherless Daughter  Network Community Chapter in your area where you will provide, monthly, quarterly, or annual activities, events and workshops.

Become a Network Director of a local community chapter in your area or become a Regional Director of several community chapters. You will receive lots of support, training, rewards and commissions.

You will be trained and certified as a Fatherless Daughter Advocate in the groundbreaking work “The Journey to Being Process™”.  As a Fatherless Daughter Advocate &  Network Director, you will increase your influence, income and impact while making a difference in the lives of women and girls … all while still growing your current business.

Fatherless Daughter Advocates & Network Director’s responsibilities include: building and managing your chapter’s network community through offering workshops, activities and events, while providing positive support and empowerment to fatherless women and girls.

You Should Attend This Training:

  • If you work for an community organization that provides services and resources to women and girls.
  • If your own company provides services to women and girls.
  • If you are an executive, manager or leader and females make up the majority of your team or staff.
  • If you are an educator and you work with girls or women.
  • If you are a concerned citizen who desires to help women and girls.
  • If you are an entrepreneur who seeks to empower women and girls.
  • If you are seeking strategic partnerships to empower and impact women and girls.

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