Sandra’s Bio



Sandra Chaney is a native New Yorker.  She is a Compelling Change Agent, Life Strategist,  Bestselling Author, Certified Fatherless Daughter Advocate and Speaker who is on a global assignment to help women live and love beyond their titles, be more than their businesses/ministries and; transform their lives to manifest the mission they were created to bring forth.

Known as a Love Rebel and Transformation Agent, Sandra’s ability to uncover the root of a problem and help others discover their destiny and purpose in life is uncanny. With keen insight, her heart for people and desire to see them walk authentically into in their greatness gives her the ability to help them unlock the door to the many gifts awaiting them. Through sharing her personal life experiences as a conqueror of attempting suicide, child abuse, an abusive marriage, domestic violence, sexual assault, single parenting and homelessness, many leave her presence impacted and ready for change.

Her personal and professional experiences have given her the opportunity to become a certified Fatherless Daughter Advocate for The Fatherless Daughter Network. This network’s platform is built on elevating the awareness of the impact that fatherlessness has on a female’s life. She has served on the board of several nonprofits whose passion is women and children.  She also worked with the Clairol cosmetic company and Southern Living Magazine to produce a video that trained salon stylists on domestic violence in nine states; and Red Book Magazine to produce a national video promoting stories of Women who are conquerors of Domestic Violence.  In addition, she is also a Federal Grant Consultant and Community Educator. In this capacity she teaches, coach and trains Non-profit organizations how to align correctly so that they can have major impact in the communities they are serving.

She is the bestselling author of The Woman Within: It’s An Inside Job, Give It to Her: The Gift of Healing and Restoration. In addition she is a co-author in A Daily Dose of Inspiration for Mothers, Igniting The Fire: A Woman’s Guide to Setting A blaze in Ministry, Business and Life, and The Entrepreneur Blueprint: How to Develop Your Darkest Storms into a Thriving Business, as well as many other books. Her global mission is to inspire women worldwide to take off the mask and release the courage to love freely from the inside out.

Sandra is a sought after speaker and trainer nationally and she uses many of her platforms to impact lives and bring about change.  She has been nominated for numerous awards including the Maryland Top 100 Women’s programs and was the recipient of the “Fruit of Her Hand” award from The Black Church and Domestic Violence Institute.

Sandra dances to the beat of her own drum and believes that love is the answer to all of life’s challenges. She shows up on every platform in truth transparently sharing her story. She creates spaces and moments where women feel safe, loved and comfortable to express their truth and be completely set free from their hidden secrets and life challenges.

The wind beneath her winds is from the loving and faithful support of her husband Kevin Chaney and the pulse of her heart, Maurice Dews, her son.  Sandra lives her life by this motto: “Everything I do, say and offer the world will come from a deep place of love!”