A New Year: What Will You Do?

by admin on January 28, 2011

We are entering into a new decade. What will be different this time around? Do you have a vision and are you prepared? Will you do what you have always done? This time, write out your vision. A vision without a plan is but a dream. A vision with a plan is the beginning. A vision with a plan embedded with actions will manifest. 

What words have you or someone else spoke against you or your dreams? This time choose your words wisely and protect your dreams from negative people and their words. There is energy in the words you speak. As you soar into this next decade, see yourself walking in your greatness. Don’t see the cup half full, half empty or overflowing. See yourself as the cup because in the cup is everything you need to succeed. Be prepared to climb from peak to peak. Set your sail for greatness and you will succeed. Resolve that you will bounce and not break no matter what happens. Begin unlocking your in born creativity. You have been given the power to create wealth and live out your dreams. 

So what will you do differently?  This time as you soar, find your voice. Be who you were created to be. Bring forth your own powerful authentic message. Love more, live life to the fullest, fulfill your passions and dreams, and love unconditionally. This time, soar into this new decade with wings of eagles! 

I’m just saying!



“Don’t become so well-adjusted to your culture that you fit into it without even thinking.” Romans 12:2a (Msg)

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