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by admin on July 10, 2011

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God is always saying something, what we hear him say depends on many things.  First, it depends on our openness to how he speaks. God speaks through his word, our pastors, our friends, families and even foes.  He also speaks through our co-workers, strangers, or even the good and bad situations we may encounter on any given day.  Second, it depends on our expectancy of when he speaks. Always expect God.  Life happens and sometimes life’s daily distractions keep us from hearing him. Listen, God always has something to say.

I recently had to deal with a potentially career ending situation — I do most days as a spokesperson for an agency that regulates .25 cents of every dollar we have in our  pockets.  And, like most believers, I ran into the throne room.  God help!  How did I get here?  What could I have done differently? What is this about?  I bombarded heaven with questions.  I got silence and I became silent.  After I rushed into my heavenly father with my hysteria and then got quiet, only then did He begin to speak. And boy, did He speak. “What is this about you ask? This is all part of my plan and process in answering your prayer request and declaration, ‘Mold me and fine tune me to be exceptional in all I do, to be all that you’ve purposed me to be in the earth and so that you might be glorified.” Sigh.  I mean really, what do you say to that.  He said a lot more but the most important thing I will tell you is that my heart beating with fear of the unknown, immediately returned to a healthy pace and peace engulfed me.  I guess He could have spoken over my ranting, but I doubt that I would have heard His heart, His wisdom and His instructions for responding to the situation and His assurance that this too would pass and  that all really would be better than well.  One month has passed and today all is indeed better than well. What He said, He did.  The instructions He gave me instantly resolved the situation, broke down long-standing barriers and ultimately re-established things for me professionally and personally. Today, I am thankful to God that I had a heart to hear and obey.

Do you? It doesn’t have to be a crisis situation, it could be anything we want answers to – answers that God desires to give to us.  We have to purpose in our hearts daily, throughout the day to hear him clearly and freely, without distraction. And when life happens – good or bad, lets take our cue from the prophet Elijah, who heard God’s still small voice, not in the wind storm or fire, but in a cave.  Take a brief break.  Find a stairwell at work or simply close your door.  Retreat to your “quiet place” in your home.  Or, if the house is full of family, go to your car. Go for a walk. Find a park bench.  You get my point.  Go wherever you need to in order to hear God and hear what he has to say. You just might be pleasantly surprised by what you hear Him say and ultimately do in your life. I know I sure was!

In a delightful place,


Shelly L. Burgess is an ordained Elder in ColumbiaFamily  Worship Center  in Columbia, MD.  Passionate and committed to prayer and the diligent study of God’s word,
she currently oversees the Teaching ministry and is a member of the  Intercessory Prayer Team.

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